How to install UTM tracking code? (Uses ga.js)


The UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) tracking code is used to track traffic source, medium and campaign; and allows a businesses to track conversion funnel from referral site. With an introduction of Google Tag Manager, some folks are unclear how to implement UTM tracking codes into their HTML pages. The following two simple steps will guide you through installing the UTM javascript snippets into your web pages.

1. Add the classic Google Analytics library, ga.js from Google CDN.

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Google Analytics Cookies (utma, utmb, utmz)


Google Analytics uses cookies to keep track of visitors' web statistics. When you install Google Analytics javascript tracking code on your website, cookies are written to your visitors' computers to keep track of their activities on your website. Cookies store visitor's first visit, page views, how long they stayed on your site, entry point, and exit point among others.

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