With Christmas shopping season just around corner, we've examined performance. is a new shopping portal we've just added to our marketing campaign so we are required to look at its performance. In September 2010, we received 1018 clicks from Become and had only 2 sales, resulting about 0.2% conversion rate which is an extremely low conversion rate. We've contacted the, and received a free consultation from them on how we can improve our conversion. Here is the summary of the conference call.

1. Include "MSRP" column in the feed file. By adding MSRP in the feed file, displays strike-through MSRP with our sale price. This will make our ad stand-out from the others.

2. In the "Stock Status" column, we can add the value "Hot" to indicate that the item is hot. Become allows up to 100 items to be marked as "Hot" status. This will boost ranking.

3. Add logo to the listing by raising the bid by $0.05 in the category you desire. Become discourages raising bid for product and recommends doing it by category. Become has had issues with product level bid hike.

4. Play with "Promotional Message". Promotional message does not have any impact on the ranking. Perhaps, this attribute shouldn't be used... per consultant, but feel free to play with it.

5. is introducing "Deal Center" for additional $0.10 per click. By having Deal Center feature will provide additional "hover" text on hovering mouse over the advertisement.


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