CSE Feed Specifications & Taxonomy

One of the best way to bring traffic to your ecommerce website is to adding your website to the shopping comparison engines (CSE). CSEs index your product data, and present them to the Internet shoppers for price comparison. Online users browsing CSEs are generally in the market to purchase a merchandise, traffic brought to you by CSEs are targeted traffic you may convert to "real" customers. There are more than a dozen CSEs, some FREE and most PAID engines, will help you increase your sales volume.

FREE Shopping Comparison Engines
There are TWO major CSEs that are bringing you FREE traffic: Google Product Search and TheFind.com. As these two CSEs are offering FREE traffic to merchants, it's important that you signup with them before considering any PAID CSEs.

Google Product Search (FREE): Allows merchants to list products across several relevant Google services including products, maps and places for product specific search queries. Product Feed expires every 30 days, and it can be uploaded manual or bulk via FTP and HTTP. Formally known as Google Base.

Google Product Search Taxonomy

theFind.com (FREE): Comparison shopping search engine that lists products by brand, stores and styles. Asks users to submit the url of their store homepage and allow bot access to the product pages that you wish to be crawled and indexed. Free to list, free to sign up and use. Crawler keeps items active and updated so merchants don't have to worry about re-submitting.

TheFind Product Specification

Bing (FREE): Comparison shopping engine that replaces MSN Shopping and Bing Cashback programs. Allows users to list items within Bing Shopping and other relevant Microsoft search services. To get started, visit Bing Merchant page.

PAID Comparison Shopping Engines

Nextag is a major player in the Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) market, with second greatest market share after Google Product Search. Nextag operates on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model, with base minimum "bids" preset by product category as shown in the link below.

Nextag Minimum CPC Rates by Category
Nextag Category Taxonomy

Shopzilla is a comparison shopping engine which allows shoppers to find and compare prices on products from multiple online merchants.

Shopzilla Category List (Requires Login)

Shopping.com is a comparison shopping engine...

Shopping.com Category Taxonomy (PDF)


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