Free VoIP smartphone apps comparison (KakaoTalk vs. Talkatone vs. Skype)

There are many Android Apps allowing to convert your Smartphone or smart devices into an internet phone, which provides various features such as video calling, shearing pictures, and texting without or inexpensive charges. All the data can be sent or received via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. If the data transfers using 3G/4G networks, there is a fee for the data usage depending on your service plan with your phone service providers.

We selected three popular Internet Phone (mVOIP) Apps – KakaoTlak, Talkatone, and Skype, and reviewed from this article.


KakaoTalk: Google Android Market Review- 4.5 starts

KakaoTalk receives the highest review score from Google Android Market among mVOIP apps we reviewed. KakalTalk is available for not only Android devices, but also Apple, Blackberry market and Samsung Apps (Bada) markets.

KakaoTalk is a phone number based message service App and the users can make a call and/or texting to KakaoTalk users anywhere in the world without any fee. The users, however, cannot make a call to regular phones. You can have a one-to-one or group chat (unlimited number of friends). Receiving and sending a Text message is absolutely free and no cap for the usage. The users can also shear photos, videos and voice notes. You can save the chatting records and send to an email account.

The signing up process for the service is very simple. Users have to download the program and enter their phone number to active the account. Once the phone number is confirmed, the account is active. Your contacts will be automatically recognized from your contact list as KakaoTalk friends if they have an account.

It also has a Walkie Talkie feature with voice note and provides emoticons for texting. Even though this is a free service, there is no advertisement.


Talkatone: Google Android Market Review- 4 starts

Talkatone is available for Android and Apple apps’ markets. This service required either Facebook and/or Google accounts for their service.

Talkatone supports 3 types of calls depending on your account set-up. If you setup with Facebook account, you can only make a Talkatone-to-Talkatone call. If you use GTalk account, it allows making a call between Talkatone users or Talkatone-to-Mac/PC call. If you use Google Voice service, you can call to regular phone numbers.

Facebook and GTalk calls and texting are free including international calls. Google Voice calls and SMS message are free to US and Canada. Other countries will be charged per minute based on Google Voice International rate (small fee).

Once of good feature is a location shear. During the call, you can shear your location information with your friends. You can also send your pictures to your friends.

Since this is a free App, there is an advertisement on the screen to support their development cost. If you sign-up for the premium member, you can have multiple Google accounts and Ad-free service.


Skype: Google Android Market Review- 4 starts

Skype is the one of the oldest VOIP from 2003. Skype is available for Android and Apple apps’ markets.

Skype-to-Skype calling, Voice calling, and IMs are free in any countries. Any calls and SMS to regular phone number will be charged. Similar to KakaoTalk, you can send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts. Compared to other mVOIP Apps, Skype allow to video calling using front and rear-facing cameras from your smart devices.


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