Free Wifi Hotspot on Android 2.2 Froyo

Ever since I gave up my Blackberry w/ FREE tethering feature offered by Sprint, I have been using a mobile USB from Clear for by broadband access from my notebook. There is an extra $10/month fee associated with this service, but it's much better than $30/mo Sprint charges.

After switching my Blackberry with a Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S), I have acquainted with Android apps that allow me to do virtually anything I want from my phone. Android 2.2 (Froyo) supports built-in USB tethering which allows your phone's data connection with your notebook, which is a very nice feature you get with your Android device. To be able to use USB tethering, you'll have to install a USB driver for your phone by either installing the manufacturer provided driver or from the Android SDK.

If you want something more than USB tethering, you may download and install Wifi Hotspot provided by Google. You'll need a "Root" access to your Android Linux kernel in order to use wifi hotspot provided by Google. There is a One Click Root & Recovery utility that you may be able to download for your device if you search Google. I have a Samsung Epic 4G, and I was able to gain root access by downloading and installing the following:

1. Download and install Samsung Galaxy S USB driver.

32-bit version:
64-bit version:

2. Turn on the phone, go to MENU -> Applications -> Development -> Enable USB Debugging.

3. Download, extract and run "run.bat" file.

Once you have the root access to your Android device, download the Android Wifi Tether app from:

One of the benefit you get with Wifi Hotspot is that you no longer need a 3G wireless service on your Ipad or Android Tablet devices. Here is the video that shows you how to install Wifi Tether application.



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