Netsuite PHPToolkit Web Service - Search ItemFulfillment Tutorial


Our business require that we retrieve Quantum View data from UPS, and create or edit ItemFulfillment records with PackageList and Packages. As described in the earlier articles, we've created a UPS developer access key and setup required Quantum View subscriptions for later retrieval of Quantum View events.

How to install Magento on Centos 6


Follow the web installation procedure, and if you run into the following errors you'll have to install required php extensions for your Linux version. For Centos 6, here is the steps you can follow to install php-dom and php-mcrypt.

PHP extension "dom" must be loaded.

# yum install php-xml

PHP extension "mcrypt" must be loaded.

UPS Quantum View API


UPS Quantum View is one of the most comprehensive reporting APIs available on UPS XML, and yet it's one of the least used API. It provides complete reporting of every shipping activity your organization is engage in. It is a comprehensive suite of services that give you details about your UPS shipments. It can be used to update your ERP with tracking numbers, scheduled and actual delivery dates, and exceptions. The catch is that you'll have to use PackageReferenceNumbers to correlate the package with your sales order number.

How to create a UPS Developer Access Key?


I have been tasked to integrate UPS Online Tools with NetSuite ERP using PHP programming language. The job requires retrieving Quantum View reports from UPS on a daily basis, and update NetSuite Sales Orders with retrieved tracking information. By browsing UPS Developer Kit, I am going to be using at least Quantum View API, and Tracking API to do the trick.

Netsuite Suitelet Examples & Tutorials


NetSuite Suitelets plays vital part in integrating 3rd party web applications with the NetSuite. Writing a suitelet is as easy as writing a simple javascript except that it runs on server-side. Here is a couple of examples on how to write a suitelet. The first example creates a customer of a type LEAD-Unqualified from a POSTed web submissions.

Netsuite Suitelet Developer Resources


1. Join the SuiteCloud Developer Network
To get started with Netsuite development, you'll need a Netsuite account that you can use to communicate with Netsuite. You may sign up with the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) as a Community member, and get a free Netsuite account for exploitation. It may take a day or two to get your account approved.

How to remove empty entries in an array?


I am collecting a user's name from a web form, and parse out the form field into salutation, first name, middle name, and last name if they are present. Here is the code snippet used to extract the name parts:

Google Analytics Cookies (utma, utmb, utmz)


Google Analytics uses cookies to keep track of visitors' web statistics. When you install Google Analytics javascript tracking code on your website, cookies are written to your visitors' computers to keep track of their activities on your website. Cookies store visitor's first visit, page views, how long they stayed on your site, entry point, and exit point among others.

Netsuite Suitelet Overview


Suitelets are extensions of SuiteScript that allow developers to write custom NetSuite pages and backend logic. Suitelets are server side scripts that operate in a request-response model. They are invoked by HTTP GET or POST requests to system generated URLs, and by default they are invoked by making a GET request from a browser.

Before beginning with SuiteScript (suitelet) development, you must enable the Server SuiteScript feature to use it and also enable Netsuite to display "Internal ID" of entities in the preferences.

Netsuite Web Service alternative - Suitelet Tutorial


Netsuite soap-based web service interface (also known as SuiteTalk) is great for processing batch jobs, but may not be suitable for real-time form processing due to concurrency problem. For real-time processing, the Suitelets may be preferred over SuiteTalk as they don't have concurrent session problems.


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