[SOLVED] Google Chrome not loading external stylesheet.css

We have a webpage with a link to external stylesheet, but the Google Chrome doesn't appear to load the stylesheet while Firefox, Mozilla and IE displays the page correctly. Only some versions of the Chrome is not applying the styles defined in the external .css file.

We've found the cause of the problem to be one of the following two scenarios:

1. You are browsing a https page, and the external link is http. Chrome blocks the external link if its protocol is less secure than the page being viewed. This can be verified by going into Chrome Development Tool by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + i, or right-mouse click on the blank are and choose "Inspect Element". Click on the "Resources" tab, and press "Show Console" icon near the bottom of the Development Tool. See screenshot below.

2. You are once again browsing a https page, and the external link is also https but the certificate of that page is not valid.

One of the recommended way to solve this type of problem is purposely omitting "protocol" part of the url in the external link. For example, you may include "//www.webtrafficexchange.com/css/style.css" instead of "https://www.webtrafficexchange.com/css/style.css".