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I've had a chance to listen in on condensed version of webinar that discusses developer tools for the SuiteCloud platform. I have personally worked in Netsuite platform for about a year and have worked with SuiteTalk and SuiteScript development tools to integrate a standalone ecommerce application into Netsuite. Although I do have the administrative privileges, I have not thoroughly explore the available development tools that are offered by Netsuite.

Netsuite is a SaaS based ERP/CRM system with plugins to build standalone ecommerce website. SuiteCloud platform offers 6 development tools, namely SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, SuiteAnalytics and finally SuiteBundler. As a SaaS platform, customization done with SuiteCloud development tools will not lock you into a particular version of Netsuite and hence eliminating "version-lock".

Source: Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform Data Sheet

Here is the summary of available tools:


SuiteBuilder is a graphical interface which you'll use to login to Netsuite, and make customization to your application forms, custom fields, custom records, sub-tabs and field groupings. If you've used Netsuite, you've used SuiteBuilder one way or another.

SuiteFlow Workflow:

SuiteFlow is the tool used to customize and automate business processes across Netsuite and other business systems. You'll use SuiteFlow to automate the business processes so that members of your team can focus on business not process.


SuiteScript allows developers to extend functionality of Netsuite, and build business logic within Netsuite. SuiteScript uses industry standard Javascript is the programming language of choice. For more information about SuiteScript developer resources, please review Netsuite SuiteScript Developer Resources


SuiteTalk is a web service provided by Netsuite, which may be used to integrate other 3rd party applications into Netsuite. Netsuite offers SOAP-based APIs for Java, .NET and PHP lanauages. For information on how to setup SuiteTalk for the first time, please review PHP Web Service


SuiteAnalytics offers graphical toolset such as portlet to create a self-serving analytics like KPI Scorecard dashboard.


SuiteBundler is an application packaging and distribution tool use to move Netsuite customizations between sandbox and production environment, or use it to package and deploy customizations for VAR purpose.

For more detailed information about SuiteCloud platform, please consult SuiteCloud development tools



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