How to install Zend Framework 2 skeleton application?


For anyone getting started with Zend Framework 2 (or ZF2), the best way to get up and running quick is by installing the Zend Skeleton Application available on github. Here is the quick and easy way to get the skeleton application installed on Linux machine. You'll install the skeleton application first, and then we'll install ZF2.

1. Change directory to where you want to install ZF2 Skeleton Application.

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How to add attachment with the Zend_Mail?


Files can be attached to an email using Zend_Mail->createAttachment() method. The createAttachment() method requires a content of the attachment, and 3 optional arguments. Please note that it takes file content as an argument, not the name of the file.

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Zend Framework without MVC


The reasoning for using a framework such as Zend Framework (ZF for short) is to speed up the development process, make the application extensible, and make use of the design patterns such as MVC. I think MVC is great, and it separates the models, views and controllers and makes the entire development process very clean. If MVC is great, why would you use Zend Framework without MVC?

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Zend Framework 1 Overview


Developing a PHP application requires domain knowledge, software engineering, discipline and time. We rarely write applications from scratch as there are freely available application frameworks that we can take advantage of. For PHP programming language, there are more than a dozen "popular" frameworks to choose from, and picking the right framework for your application is not a mundane task. I have been working as an IT consultants for many years, and Zend Framework is the one being discussed frequently.

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