TortoiseSVN overlays do not update

TortoiseSVN OverlaysFor those who have used TortoiseSVN as a SVN client, you sure to have experienced Windows overlay icons not updating to their correct status. This makes it hard to know which files have been updated, and whether they need commit if you're working with a large number of files.

It may be worthwhile updating the overlays manually, so you know what files have changed. There are a number of ways to achieve this according to TortoiseSVN FAQ.

1. Windows overlay icon update consumes a lot of resources, and having the faster machine or giving higher priority to TortoiseSVN will have positive impact on overlay update.

2. Selecting a folder or a file, and hitting F5 key one or more times may correct overlay display but this does not work all the time.

3. You may also drilling up and down the folder, and it will cause the Windows Explorer to update the icon overlays. This has higher chance of getting your overlays updated than hitting F5 key.

4. If everything fails, you may want to select a folder or a file and execute the TortoiseSVN "Cleanup" command.

*Note: If you don't see TortoiseSVN overlays, you may have to enable it by selecting a workspace directory and going to the settings, and activate the icon overlays for at least the fixed drives. The installer does this automatically for the "current" user, but if someone else installed TortoiseSVN you may have to do this manually. You'll have to reboot your machine to take this into effect.


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