VoIP Service Comparison (Ooma vs. Magic Jack Plus)

Over the years, high-speed internet services are available for many families. It allows customers to consider switching an alternative phone service, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), instead of traditional landline. It could reduce or completely remove phone bills without losing voice quality significantly. AT&T and Vonage are one of known VOIP providers, but they are not economical choice. Nowadays, there are many VOIP providers and it makes difficult for customers to choose the right options for them. We reviewed the most popular cost-effective VOIP alternative options, Ooma vs. Magic Jack Plus.



Both Ooma and Magic Jack Plus require an ATA (Analogue Terminal Adapter) unit. Sometimes, people refer ATA to as VOIP Gateways or TA (Terminal Adapter). This ATA unit converts phone signals into digital signals and sends the converted digital signals through internet to VOIP providers. The benefit of the both Ooma and Magic Jack Plus compared to other competitors is not required to have a VOIP phone. You can simply connect any existing regular phones for the service. Similar to other VOIP, it has a limitation. Since VOIP requires Internet Service, VOIP will not work if there are disconnections of internet services or power outrages.

Ooma provides two different ATA units, Ooma Hub and Ooma Telo, and two different level of services, standard and Premier. Ooma Hub is the first version of ATA unit. Ooma Telo is the upgraded version and it offers online phonebook, HD voice ready, USB port for future expansion (comparison table can be found from ooma website: http://www.ooma.com/products/ooma-telo/compare). Both Ooma units are built-in answering machine. The standard service does not have any monthly fee for local and long distance calls except tax. The Premier Service, however, has a monthly fee ($9.99 per month). Even though Premier Service charges monthly fee, it offers lots of good features* such as advanced calling, enhanced voicemail, Privacy, and personalization features. Both services provide web-portal access which allows to check and mange your account, voicemail, and setting.

The unit cost is $199.99. You can keep your phone number, but Initial process fee to transfer the phone number will be charged ($39.99). For Premier subscribers, the fee will be waived. Ooma offers free local and long-distance calling. There is a small fee for International-calling for 61 countries. The international-calling service required pre-deposit on your account and the fee will be deducted from your pre-paid account. Ooma also offers a budget plan for frequent international caller for 1,000 minutes flat fee plan for $9.99 per month. Ooma does not support 900 number and phone chat services and Directory Assistance (411) call will be charged per call from pre-assigned account

*Premier Features (for more detail information, visit www.ooma.com/premier/features)

Advanced calling: Instant second line, three-way conferencing, multi-ring, back-up number, Google voice extensions (telo customers only),free calling to Canada (except 867 area code)

Enhanced Voicemail: call screening, voicemail forwarding, voicemail-to-text, do not disturb setting, send to voicemail feature

Privacy: personal blacklist, community blacklist, caller name, Anonymous call reject

Personalization: 911 Notifications, Personal number, Private voice mail, Transfer your number, Call forwarding

Magic Jack Plus

Original Magic Jack requires a computer for phone call, but the new upgraded Magic Jack Plus allows to make a call with or without computer. The Magic Jack Plus unit can plug into a computer through USB port and connect the regular phone through RJ11. Magic Jack does not have different level of services but the standard service provides many free features such as directory assistance, call waiting, voicemail and caller ID, and international calling to the US.

The Magic Jack (original model) costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling. The upgraded Magic Jack Plus costs $69.95 plus shipping and handling. The annual fee for the service is $29.95 per year. Magic Jack also offers international call with small fee. If the customers want to keep their phone number, they can keep the number. Transfer for the phone number might be charged.

The best feature of Magic Jack plus is mobility. As long as you carry the Magic Jack Plus unit, we can make and receive a call with same feature.



(1-5 Stars)

Ooma Magic Jack Plus

4 Stars

Magic Jack Plus: N/A

Magic Jack (Original): 1.5 Stars


4.5 Stars

3 Stars

Best Buy

4.3 Stars

3.9 Stars



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