[SOLVED] Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application


With Google API v2 being deprecated, the app that was working perfectly before started to spit errors on the user's screen like the one showing below:

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Netsuite PHPToolkit Web Service - Search ItemFulfillment Tutorial


Our business require that we retrieve Quantum View data from UPS, and create or edit ItemFulfillment records with PackageList and Packages. As described in the earlier articles, we've created a UPS developer access key and setup required Quantum View subscriptions for later retrieval of Quantum View events.

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UPS Quantum View API


UPS Quantum View is one of the most comprehensive reporting APIs available on UPS XML, and yet it's one of the least used API. It provides complete reporting of every shipping activity your organization is engage in. It is a comprehensive suite of services that give you details about your UPS shipments. It can be used to update your ERP with tracking numbers, scheduled and actual delivery dates, and exceptions. The catch is that you'll have to use PackageReferenceNumbers to correlate the package with your sales order number.

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