Redhat / Centos LAMP Setup Guide


If you're setting up a RedHat or Centos server from a VPS server without a control panel, setting up a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) can be a nuisance. Here is a basic setup guide for bringing your Linux server for LAMP development environment.

RedHat / Centos 8

Starting with RHEL & Centos 8, there is a new package management tool "dnf" which replaces "yum". You may still use "yum", but we'll use dnf to illustrate the LAMP setup. Centos 8 has SSL root certificate issue, so we'll reinstall the ca-certificates package.

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Apache mod_vhost_alias module fails to set DOCUMENT_ROOT


Mass virtual hosting using mod_vhost_alias or mod_rewrite module simplifies pattern-based virtual hosting. However, there is a major problem if your virtual host application makes use of the DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable. According to the Apache documentation, the mod_vhost_alias does NOT correctly sets the DOCUMENT_ROOT variable and hence pontentially break PHP web applications that makes use of this environment variable.

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