TortoiseSVN overlays do not update


TortoiseSVN OverlaysFor those who have used TortoiseSVN as a SVN client, you sure to have experienced Windows overlay icons not updating to their correct status. This makes it hard to know which files have been updated, and whether they need commit if you're working with a large number of files.

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How to install Subversion on SuSE Linux?


I've had a chance to install Subversion on Windows machines in the past, but this is my first try on SuSE Linux. The process is pretty straight forward, and it's fairly easy to follow. Here is the run down summary of how to get started.

1. Use Zypper to install the following modules:

# zypper install subversion subversion-tools apache2

2. Once you have required software modules, installed browse the following README file to setup your subversion repositories.

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